Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

GK Solutions offers a unique solution to inspect the undersides of vehicles entering (or leaving) high-security locations such as military bases, embassies, correctional facilities, border checkpoints, power plants, refineries, mines and other sensitive sites.

This unique UVIS is an advanced security system for detecting potential threats hidden in the vehicle’s undercarriage. Its sophisticated software provides a simple and easy-to-use interface.

The system uses high-resolution cameras to produce a 3D model of any vehicle’s undercarriage in seconds, while the vehicle drives over it. It contains a quality lighting module to allow for comprehensive and clear mapping of the undercarriage, day or night. Thanks to high-quality colorful scanning, threats and changes are highly noticeable.

UVeye is designed to integrate with external access control systems such as bollards, road blockers, arm barriers etc. as well as integrate and share information with other UVEye units installed on site.

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