Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

GK Solutions offers a unique solution to inspect the undersides of vehicles entering (or leaving) high-security locations such as military bases, embassies, correctional facilities, border checkpoints, power plants, refineries, mines and other sensitive sites.

The TI-S series of Under Vehicle Inspection Systems is designed to inspect the chassis of small, medium and large sized vehicles, to store any information collected and to integrate with other technologies such as license plate recognition or biometric access control.

Importantly, the system operator can be located up to 1,500 metres away from the vehicle being inspected, ideal where VBIED’s are a threat.

The TI-Series has three models:

  • Short Fixed Unit
  • Long Fixed Unit
  • Self contained, self powered trailer mounted mobile Unit.

Where mounting in the ground is problematic, both of the fixed units can be mounted above ground.

Day or Night Operation

Using a high resolution camera on an auto-scan sequence, the UVIS provides illumination to operate during the day or night.

Minimal Training

The system is extremely intuitive. Operators need minimal training to use the system.

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