GK Solutions PAS68 certified Arm Barriers provides an alternative solution to Road Blockers and Bollards where those forms of Vehicle Mitigation may not be suitable.

Our range of Crash Rated Arm Barriers are available in both manual and automated options.

These barriers are best suited for areas where in-ground bollards may not be the best option.

The manual 180° Swing Gate is a cost effective solution for access points that need to be secured for occasional access, out of hours security or for remote locations with power restrictions. The gate is bi-directional and is available with either left or right hand hinging. It is secured by an anti-tamper locking mechanism which encases the gate locking pin and is resistant to attack from a wide array of hand tools and battery operated powered tools. The 180° swing gate is IWA14 certified to stop a 7.2 ton vehicle travelling at 48km/h.

Our automated arm barrier is PAS68 certified to stop a 3.5 ton vehicle travelling at 48km/h. This sturdy barrier is low-profile and looks like a standard car park barrier. It can be interfaced into existing access control systems and has a 100% duty rating.

Both barriers are designed for ease of installation.

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