GK Solutions offers a complete range of PAS68 certified Heald Road Blockers, covering the full spectrum of protection for high security facilities.

Our PAS68 Heald Road Blockers are heavy-duty, fast operating and cost-effective solution to any application where a high security is needed. In particular, the Road Blocker is suitable for locations where foundation depth must be kept to a minimum. Our shallow-mount version only requires a 350mm foundation with and no pre-casting or pre-reinforcement. The Road Blocker not only provides an effective barrier against vehicles but against motorcycles as well.

Designed to withstand repeated impact and still operate, giving the highest possible security to any site. Strong and durable, the Road Blocker scan be easily operated by sites security personnel or by individual drivers through a choice of access systems.

From shallow-mount to more traditional installation options, PAS68:2010 certified and with versions that can stop an incredible 30 tonnes at 80km/h, GK Solutions has the Road Blocker that you need.

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