Pitagone F18 Temporary Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Barrier

Our F18 Temporary HVM Barriers allow Local, State and Federal Governments as well as Stadiums and other crowded spaces, the flexibility to quickly and effectively seal off road access.


The F18 has been tested to the stringent PAS68 / IWA14 standards and is certified to stop vehicles of most sizes and travelling at a range of speeds. Independent testing has also been carried out in Australia by NSW Roads and Maritime Services.

Nudge Test

Crucially, the F18 barrier has been tested to withstand not only high-speed impact, but is the only barrier in this category that is certified to withstand a soft nudge from 1km/h – 10km/h.


The F18 can be set up to seal a standard lane of traffic in around five minutes with one or two people. It does not require forklifts or tools to place it.


The barriers are delivered in containers of 6 that can be stacked and forklifted to site. The containers have integral ramps to allow for easy offloading of the F18’s.

Use Cases

Pitagone barriers are utilised in Australia to secure the country’s largest open-air street festival, the St Kilda Festival which has up to half a million attendees as well as Victoria’s Pride March and Sydney’s world famous New Years Eve Fireworks Display. In addition, the barriers are in use at Melbourne’s largest open air market, The Queen Victoria Market.

Internationally Pitagone F18 barriers are in use at the following key locations amongst others:

  • Wembley Football Stadium
  • Westminster Abbey
  • The French Open Tennis Tournament
  • The Palais de L’Elysee (Official Residence of the French President)
  • Lotto Park Football Stadium, Anderlecht Belgium
  • City of Antwerp, Belgium
  • City of Munich, Germany
  • Tour de France 2019
  • Rugby world Cup, Japan 2019

Pitagone F18 Barrier Specifications

Height: 100cm
Width: 9cm
Depth: 104cm
Total Weight: 38.5Kg

Storage Rack Specifications

  • Resistant to the harshest usage conditions.
  • An operational productivity time-saver.
  • More efficient use of space in your warehouses.
  • Significant reduction in transport costs.
  • Quick and easy to handle.
  • Prevents: theft, breakage and loss
  • Dimensions: 136 cm x 107cm x 120cm
  • Net Weight: 95 / weight with 6 modules :329kg
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