Threat & Risk Analysis and Operational Testing

Security measures cannot be put in place effectively without a clear understanding of what threats are faced by an organisation and the risks that might result from those threats coming to fruition. No aspect of security is more essential than accurately assessing security hazards before they evolve.

GK Solutions offers detailed Threat & Risk Analysis services. We aim to offer our clients a range of options to mitigate security risk, presented in a clear, easy to understand manner. In this way, our clients are given a solid understanding of how best to protect their staff and businesses and where to spend the security dollar most effectively.

Uniquely, GK Solutions is able to offer blast analysis for clients who require the highest levels of protection.

As a part of our Threat & Risk Analysis service, GK Solutions is able to offer Operational Testing. Operational Testing is an effective, yet seldom-utilised method of identifying vulnerabilities in security systems & processes with the aim of correcting any identified gaps.

Protective Behaviour Seminars

At GK Solutions we believe that many serious security problems can be avoided ahead of time if the staff and management of an organisation are aware of the various risk factors that may impact upon them. Our methods aim to train key personnel in organisations to avoid potential problems before they occur.

Our highly experienced instructors bring Protective Behaviours to life through engaging seminars that are practical, fun and interactive.

Our staff have developed programmes and rolled-out training for thousands of people, from short security awareness seminars to full-time, multi-day security courses.

Product Support

GK Solutions is unique in that we don’t just sell products.

Our staff have decades of experience in the employment of security solutions and can guide you as to the best use of each product. In addition we are able to deliver interesting, practical training packages for each of our products and we can assist the end-user to develop a set of appropriate Standard Operating Procedures for all of our products.

At GK Solutions we pride ourselves on out-of-the-box thinking. If our current range of products is not what you require, we will assist you to find a solution that works.


Country Reports

GK Solutions is able to provide threat reports and guidance for international business travellers. We are able to produce comprehensive reports focused on security threats to overseas assets and personnel, such as crime, kidnapping, and political violence. In addition, we are able to analyse political, security and governance issues, that might affect your business operations overseas.


GK Solutions is able, upon assessment of a clients requirements, to design complete protective solutions.

Our design work includes:

  • Complete Perimeter Security Solutions for Critical Infratsructure facilities such as:
    • Airports
    • Ports
    • Power Stations
    • Military Bases
  • Blast Mitigation Walls
  • Blast mitigation Windows

Screening System Monitoring and Testing

Airports, Ports, Courts and other high-security facilities spend millions of dollars on screening equipment, but the weak link is often the operator.

GK Solutions through use of our explosive simulants and related systems develops, writes procedures for, and implements testing to ensure that the staff at major screening points are operating effectively.

This solution is ideal for:

  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Courts
  • Parliament Buildings